When living or visiting, Texas, when you travel through the whole state, you can tell that every region in Texas is not the same. You can go to some areas in Texas, where it’s nothing but desert like in Central Texas, then there are some places in Texas that are just grassland plains, and then there are some places in Texas, that are actually close to the water.

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Texas is one of the largest states in the United States of America, you don’t really find a lot of things more than once here. Wildlife in Texas can also surprise you. There are some parts of Texas where you’ve seen some of the most dangerous reptiles in the United States, some of the largest and most ferocious land animals as well. But there are animals in Texas, and when you talk about Texas you think of them. According to Wikipedia, the nine-banded armadillo or more commonly known as the long nose armadillo, the Texas Longhorn, and the Mexican, free-tailed bat, can be found here in Texas.


The armadillo is one of the smaller animals that are here in Texas and that are very harmless. The Longhorn, in my opinion, should be the state animal, and the last Mexican, free-tailed bat, you don’t really see them until around August. Just keep in mind if you ever get a glance at any of these three animals, just know you made it to the great state of Texas.

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