November features one of the Standard Six United States Federal Holidays, and many of us are fortunate to enjoy a paid four day weekend because of Thanksgiving. However, as residents of the Killeen-Temple, Texas area, we are also very aware of the other Federal Holiday that is held on eleven eleven with Veterans Day.

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If you have not had a chance to peek at your calendar for the month yet, you might not have noticed that November 11 falls on a Saturday, and therefore many places are choosing to close the Friday before on November 10th in observance of Veterans Day. When holidays fall on Saturdays, I like to call the Friday before Errands Day.

If you are fortunate enough to get the day off before a Saturday holiday, you will find that banks and Post Services will still be open because they are closing the next day of the actual holiday. That makes running errands and other usual weekend activities the priority on that Friday.

City of Killeen, Texas announces all offices will be closed on Friday November 10.

Whenever I hear of an announcement for something being closed I always think of John Candy's cameo in National Lampoon's Vacation. The city of Killeen will have all of their offices closed on Friday, but many services will continue to run as scheduled.

You can get the exact details in this release by the city of Killeen on their website.

Also, please remember that Veterans Day is not Armed Services Day or Memorial Day. It is a day to recognize those who no longer serve, and to thank them. Maybe buy them a coffee while you're at it.

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