As long as I can remember, Judge Cooke has always been the justice of the peace for precinct 4 place 2 here in Killeen. I was a little girl getting in trouble in school, and I remember my parents threatening me that I would have to see this man. His saying was, "Don’t let me catch you in my courtroom", and you knew he meant it.

For me, Judge Cooke was a part of local lore growing up - you knew exactly who he was and why he was so respected. When Judge Cooke was first elected as the justice of the peace, I was 10 years old in fifth grade, which was in '96.


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Even though he has been very fair over the years, and has done so much for the city of Killeen, he’s now going to retire. In the words of the late great Nina Simone, 'It's a new dawn, it’s a new day", and I think the person that could fill the shoes of this gentleman is none other than Democrat Nicola J James.

I had the honor of speaking to this young lady over the weekend at an event that took place in Harker Heights, and what I took from the conversation is that she is not only very humble, but she also understands how important it is to be truly concerned and in tune with the city listen to the people who live here. During our conversations, she was so soft-spoken, but everything she said was assertive. I got the impression that she means business and doesn't mince words.

Nicola told me that she works for the municipal court clerk in Copperas Cove, and that she is a former employee of Travis County. She definitely brings valuable experience to her candidacy.


Courtesy of YouTube
Courtesy of YouTube



Nicole said she’s very excited about taking the position of being Justice of the Peace for Precinct 4 and I couldn’t agree more. When it’s time to vote, I plan to back this young lady. I would be lying if I did say it doesn’t make me ecstatic that she is a woman of color, and we share common experiences and perspectives.

For a very long time, these positions were made only for the boys club. To see someone they can relate to sends a very positive message to little girls, in my opinion. It lets them know they can be and do whatever they set their mind to and serve their communities.

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