There's a new statewide initiative looking to help teens who are new to Texas roads.

We all know being a teenager is hard. As a teen caught between childhood and adulthood, you make decisions not understanding how the consequences could later impact your life.

Well, thanks to the Brazos Valley Injury Prevention Coalition, this new initiative will change some lives.

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Reality Education for Drivers program has a mission to educate teens on how to make responsible choices before getting behind the wheel. The program not only teaches young drivers the importance of safe and responsible driving, but if they've received a class-c-misdemeanor they now have a chance to get a clean slate.

The class will give individuals a chance to hear testimonies that could possibly impact their decisions moving forward. That includes hospital staff who'll talk about emergency treatment after crashes, and a possible visit to a crash survivor in recovery in the ICU. Social workers and judges will also speak to students about the lifelong effects bad decisions behind the wheel could have on a young drivers and their families.

When Brazos Valley Injury Prevention Coalition first began this initiative, it was only offered in person as a five hour program at St. Joseph regional health center in Bryan, but now all TX teens can take advantage with their Zoom program.

I think this program is amazing. As a person who made a lot of mistakes as a teenager with my driving record, I encourage all teens in the CTX to take advantage of this program. It's not available everywhere, but it's so needed.

For more info on the program click here.

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