The popular marijuana substitute known as K2 is in the news again, as a lethal batch has reportedly hit Central Texas streets.

As reported by KWTX, Waco police responded to a call about a drug overdose from Mr. Magoo's Bar on Hoode Drive in Waco on Sunday, July 9th. Three people were reportedly unconscious and unresponsive.

A witness at the scene told police they saw the three (two women, one man) walk outside earlier that day to meet someone outside and smoke K2.

A short time later, one woman passed out face-first, reportedly losing several teeth. The other woman passed out in the bed of a truck, and the man just collapsed to the ground. Paramedics performed CPR on two of the individuals to revive them.

The authorities recovered some of the K2 substance at the scene, and sent it in for testing. This was the second K2 related incident that the Waco authorities had to deal with over the weekend.

Authorities notified KWTX that a drug overdose death occurred on Saturday as well. Authorities were called to the South Wind Apartments on Richter Avenue, where a man collapsed after smoking a K2-like substance. A friend called authorities after realizing the manwasn't breathing, but by time paramedics arrived arrived he had already died.

Police and health officials are warming the public not to consume K2 or other so-called "marijuana substitutes".

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