Lifelong citizens of Killeen, Texas will tell where they were and what they were doing at the time the 1991 Luby's shooting tragedy occurred.

Those new to the area or that weren't born then may not know about the deadliest mass shooting in American history at the time, and that it happened right on Central Texas Expressway.

Those Killeen natives can also fill you in on the event that occurred 2 months later, when the Killeen Kangaroos football team won the 5A state championship.

But more on that in a second.

Luby's Shooting of 1991

On Oct 16th, 1991, George Hennard shot and killed 23 people and injured another 27 before shooting himself to death at Luby's restaurant at 1705 E. Central Texas Expressway  - the location which is now the Yank Sing Restaurant.

Hennard is reported to have selectively targeted women and minorities.


The Killeen Kangaroos State Football Champions, 1991

Exactly 2 months later, while the community still mourned the loss of the victims from the shooting, thousands of Central Texas traveled to Houston to cheer on the Killeen High School Kangaroos, who beat Sugarland Dulles Vikings by a score of 14-10.

The New Documentary "The 91 Roos"

Killeen natives have come together to put together a documentary highlighting the historic run that brought Killeen's first and only state championship in football.

Derwin Graham told Jasmine Caldwell of KCEN, “Winning a state title, obviously holds weight for years to come, you see the banners, the t-shirts, the lettermen’s, but you never realize the whole story. With the Luby’s massacre and the Gulf War, all that combined makes for a good story. We noticed the story was never done before, so why not be the ones to do it.”

Here's the trailer to "The 91 Roos".


Hopefully you support the documentary and find out the backstory of the championship run from 30 years ago.

It was an inspirational and healing event after one of the most horrific tragedies in Central Texas history that shouldn't be forgotten.

Here Are 6 New Businesses That Opened In Killeen, Texas in 2021

I've watched the local news for a long time just to get in tune with current events weather etc.
Once a week there used to be a food critic who had a feature on the news, and he would visit different restaurants in the city and taste their food on camera.

Tamika, one of our account executives here at the station, saw the same types of food reviews on the news and suggested it would be a good idea that I do the same thing with businesses and restaurants here in Killeen.
And here we are today!
So far, I've visited 5 Killeen restaurants and one out in Temple with 6 different vibes and food choices.


Here Are 6 Memorable Moments That Happened In 2021 In Killeen, Texas

Well, here we are. We have just two weeks left of the year 2021. 
What a year! 

From the deep freeze we experienced in February to someone constantly hitting the Killeen sign, to the recent "massacre at Zaxby's" LOL.... these are 6 memorable moments that happened in Killeen Texas in 2021. 


Steve Harvey Put Smiles On These Killeen Faces For Thanksgiving

Every year since the Steve Harvey Morning Show has been on MYKISS 1031, he and his show have teamed up with Walmart to donate turkeys to listeners here in the Killeen area.

In the past, we've donated turkeys on behalf of Steve and the crew to Operation Phantom Support, Communities in Schools, and The Bell County Child Welfare Board.

This year we did it differently and gave the entire public a chance to enter to win a FREE Thanksgiving Turkey courtesy of The Steve Harvey Morning Show and Walmart.

And boy did you take advantage of the opportunity!

We would like to thank you for entering and we hope your Thanksgiving was a great one!

Here are a bunch of smiling faces that were blessed with juicy birds for the holiday, compliments of the Steve Harvey Morning Show, Walmart, and MYKISS1031!

Do you see anyone you know?

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