A Killeen based company is teaming up with a local app provider to deliver lunch to high school students in Killeen after KISD made changes to their student lunch policy.

KCEN's Brandon Gray reports that DoMYShoppingForMe has teamed up with app developer Appsolutely! to help make life easy for freshmen on four campuses who are now prohibited from leaving campus for lunch.

Students will have the ability to order food from local restaurants with the free app and have it delivered to their school during lunch period.

DoMyShoppingForMe owner Caleb Lazard says he saw the situation as an opportunity for the company to give students the option of eating the food they want while honoring the new lunch policy.

“Every student I’ve talked to is definitely looking forward to using the app,” he told KCEN.

The app can be downloaded at www.FoodToSchool.net, Apple's app store, or via Google Play. Students will pay for the food once it arrives on scene, as well as a $4.99 delivery fee.

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