There's a LOT of stuff on Netflix to watch but here's one series that I'm HIGHLY recommending that you watch that will change your view on a few of the issues plaguing our society today.

Rapper Killer Mike is well known for his music as a Grammy winning artist and one half the rap duo "Run The Jewels" and he's a well known activist. Which makes his new show on Netflix "Trigger Warning" that more interesting when you know who he is.

The trend nowadays, especially with reality shows is usually the same plot: Stick a celebrity in the real world and watch the tomfoolery ensue. But what makes "Trigger Warning" different is its unique "social experiments" using Killer Mike as the test subject.

Episode one does just that with "Living Black" where Killer Mike spends 3 days using and consuming only products and services that come from the black community. Mike has a rough 3 days that leaves him hungry and even sleeping outside on a park bench when he realizes there aren't many black owned hotels, restaurants, farms or car companies or services that he could use to get around. Eye opening indeed.

Other issues the series tackle include religion, education, gangs and the series ends with Killer Mike creating his own country. I highly recommend you check this series out because it will give you new perspective and insight on the world around us and its VERY funny to boot. Check it out now Netflix!


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