It’s my favorite time of the year in Killeen, Texas, and no I am not talking about Valentine's Day. It’s when the Cajuns get to ragin' and the mudbugs make their way onto our plate. That’s right: it’s crawfish season baby, and Neighborhood Daiquiris has plenty of these delicious crayfish for the city!

People usually from Texas and Louisiana know best when it comes to crawfish. Entrepreneur and owner of Neighborhood Daiquiris David Davis and Valette Reese are making sure that Central Texas gets to enjoy the delicious taste of those good old crawdaddies this year!


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Courtesy of Tony Anderson
Courtesy of Tony Anderson
Courtesy of Davide Davis
Courtesy of Getty Images



I grew up on crawfish. My parents are from Louisiana, and as a small child, eating crawfish was a rite of passage. You probably learned how to properly suck the head and eat the tail of a crawfish before learning how to walk in Louisiana.

Neighborhood Daiquiris has really brought the best of those old traditions and their own unique spin to Killeen. They're located at 903 W. Rancier Ave. in  Killeen. What I really like about this particular establishment is what the drinks menu stands for. It pays homage (sometimes seriously, sometimes tongue-in-cheek) to the local neighborhood that most of us were brought up in if you’re a native of Killeen.


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Courtesy of Aslab


Courtesy of Davide Davis
Courtesy of Davide Davis


I guess it’s just one of those situations where if you know, you know.

Each daiquiri symbolizes a neighborhood, street, or location somewhere located in Killeen. For example, I am a native from the Northside of Killeen, and the area I grew up in is referred to as Long branch so, usually, when I go to Neighborhood Daiquiris I request the L’s Up or a Lake Road Lemonade like the street I grew up on.

Peanut butter and jelly, Mac and cheese and daiquiris and crawfish are the trifectas of a perfect combination. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to enjoy some great food, great customer service, and more importantly, phenomenal daiquiris and crawfish!

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