Driving in Central Texas is not exactly a picnic. People go too fast, tailgate, and it seems like there's always plenty of construction work to make things extra fun.

Have you tried driving the speed limit? You get passed like you're standing still.

Well, the Killeen Police Department decided it was time for everyone to slow down.

Why Did The Killeen Police Issue All Those Tickets?

In response to the complaints they were getting, KWKT Fox 44 reports that officers with the Killeen Police Department’s Traffic Unit and Day Shift B Squad conducted a community-driven detail to target speeding.

On Thursday, February 17th, ten officers monitored eastbound traffic near the Trimmier exit in Killeen, between 9:45 a.m. through 12:15 p.m.

Officers made 73 traffic stops, with 70 citations given for speeding.

How Fast Were Speeders Going In Killeen?

The top two highest speeds?

100 and 103 miles per hour respectively, in a posted 60 mile per hour zone, according to the Killeen Daily Herald.

The average speed for all 73 stops was 81.3 miles per hour.

We like to remind the community to slow down and arrive at your destination safely. By adhering to the speed limit you are not only saving your life, but the lives of your fellow citizens. Just a reminder, the speed limit on I-14 is a posted 60 mph zone.”   - Killeen Police Department via Facebook

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Support For Speeding Tickets

While most comments on social media praised the police for the recent action, there were some less positive responses, such as complaints about 'meeting quotas'.

There were also suggestions on the Killeen Daily Herald Facebook page for additional areas to patrol, including the corner of WS Young and Lake Road, to catch those speeding through the school zone for Peebles Elementary.

Be safe out there, and remember to drive the speed limit. Tickets are expensive!



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