I think everyone deserves a drink after the past week we had, which works out because today is National Margarita Day.
Legend has it the frozen margarita was invented here in Texas, but it looks like Mexico had it first. We can at least lay claim to the frozen margarita machine, and I for one think need one here at the radio station.
Job search site Zippia recently ranked Texas #9 on its list of the Most Margarita Loving States.
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Their rankings were based on search volume for margaritas, which I don't think proves anything. Texans don't have to Google to find the best margaritas. They know where to go or how to make them. Besides, they ranked New Hampshire at the most margarita loving state. C'mon.
Interestingly enough, Grubhub reports that most margarita orders they've received over the past month have been for virgin cocktails.
Pretty much anywhere in the great state of Texas, you can find a place that has delicious margaritas, but if you're looking for something extra special today (or better for your budget, Thrillist's Margarita day specials 2021 article lists some restaurants that are having margarita deals today.
Now, if you are a homebody and like to make your own margarita in the comfort of your own home, here's a homemade recipe for you from real house moms.
Whether you choose Jose Cuervo or Don Julio 1942, I'm sure it's gonna be a nice treat for this gorgeous day we are having.
Remember to drink responsibly.
Get out today and enjoy one of Texans' favorite drinks.
Soon as I get into town, I'm going to find myself a nice outdoor patio smoking allowed, light me up a cigar, and sip on a nice cold margarita.
Happy National Margarita Day!

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