I like to do a segment on National Days on my show.

I feel like we all learn something new when I announce them. I know a few days by memory like Vodka and Tequila day, and it's well worth letting you know about those! lol

Here are the National Days for today, May 18th:

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National Visit Your Relatives Day

I know with CDC guidelines, health officials advised us not to congregate in large crowds because of the scare of the spread of the coronavirus.

With the CDC now relaxing mask recommendations as vaccines are being administered and the Governor is easing up restrictions on social gatherings, it would be a nice time to visit relatives.

I haven't seen my relatives in some years, and I talked to a cousin of mine today and stressed how much we need to connect and hang out with each other and catch up.

National No Dirty Dishes Day

I try to wash dishes often so they don't pile up in the sink, but with my busy schedule, it's hard for me to wash our dirty dishes. Big Kudos to my wife for stepping up and taking care of tasks for me.

National Cheese Souffle Day

I have never tried this French dish, but as far as the ingredients used to make it, egg whites with custard, mixed with cheese, jam, fruits, berries, chocolate, and lemon, to name a few...I won't try it. lol

National HIV Vaccine Awareness Day

On this day, we recognize the thousands of volunteers, community members, health professionals, and scientists who work together to find a safe and effective vaccine for this virus that has devastated so many people and their families over the years.

I hope you enjoy the national days for today as much as I do!

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