As you know, one of my segments during my show is National Days.

National Days for today is

National Rotisserie Chicken Day

Every year on June 2nd, chicken lovers celebrate National Rotisserie Chicken Day. Rotisserie chicken is a slow-cooked method of cooking a whole chicken that seals in its flavor.

I love to get a good rotisserie chicken from HEB!

National Rocky Road Day

On June 2nd, Rocky Road Day celebrates chocolate, marshmallows, and nuts. Rocky Road is most commonly eaten with ice cream in the United States.

I'm not a huge fan of rocky road ice cream, but I will eat it

National Bubba Day

On June 2nd of each year, we celebrate National Bubba Day to honor all those we call "Bubba"  in our lives. It is possible that the name came from the way young children try to shorten the word brother.

Many close family friends refer to their brother as Bubba as a term of endearment. You may have met several Bubbas over the years, or perhaps you only know one. Bubba is often used with people close to one's heart or in high regard.

National First Lady Day

On June 2nd, National First Ladies Day celebrates the first First Lady of the  United States and all those who followed in her footsteps. It is a day to honor the role first ladies have played in shaping our nation.

As the saying goes behind every great man is a great woman

National Leave the Office Early Day is sure to be a day that everyone will enjoy. Each year on June 2nd (unless June 2nd falls on a weekend, at which point it will be seen on the next working day), the observance is an incentive to those who often work more than 40 hours a week.

National Running Day

National Running Day takes place every year on the first Wednesday in June.  It was designed to be a way for runners to reaffirm their passion for running, and for  beginners to make a life-changing commitment to running.







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