I like to do a segment on air called National Days.

It is pretty fun because I get a refresher on Some national days and find out new ones.

Here are the National Days for today!!!


National Strawberry Parfait Day on June 25th comes around each year during the perfect time – peak strawberry season.

Here is a way to observe National Strawberry Parfait Day

Visit your local farmer's market to find fresh-picked strawberries during this celebration. If you have a bounty of strawberries at home, make a homemade strawberry parfait with wholesome ingredients. Alternatively, you can make a traditional parfait with ice cream, whipped cream, and maybe a little chocolate syrup.


The United States celebrates National Catfish Day each year on June 25th in honor of farm-raised catfish.

A way to observe National Catfish Day

Although baking and frying catfish are the most common ways to enjoy this flavorful fish, they aren't the only ones. Discover new recipes such as soups, sandwiches, and appetizers. What about some catfish pasta dishes? #NationalCatfishDay invites you to try dishes bursting with flavor if you haven't tried catfish before. Catfish is a delicious addition to your menu! 

I will definitely get myself some catfish today!!!


Leon Day occurs on June 25th, six months before Christmas. The day of Leon is a day when some crafters begin planning their homemade gifts and decorations. It can also be a day for those who missed the winter holidays to have a mini winter celebration in June.

This great way to observe National Leon Day

Get your hot glue guns ready, crafters! Plan your ugly sweaters now to beat the crowds. For crafting inspiration, pick up your presale copy of the 2021 National Day Wall Calendar. 

You can also host a winter in June holiday party. Be sure to include all the trimmings, such as turkey, stuffing, and cranberry sauce. Make your cold-loving friends happy. Share #NationalLeonDay on social media.


Every year, employees across the country bring their dogs to work on the Friday after Father's Day. Today is National Take Your Dog to Work Day.

Now I don't have any pet dogs or any pets for that matter right now.

the way my 2-year-old love our furry friends, I might be taking a dog to work next year

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