July 29 is National Chicken Wing Day. It's also National Lasagna Day, which is all kinds of ridiculous. You can't have two national food days on the same date, especially when those foods are so vastly different.

That's a debate for another time.

Today I want to focus on wings and whether boneless wings count.

I'm going to come right out and say it: I loves me some boneless wings. Not only do I feel like I'm getting more meat for my money, but they're easier for a fast eater like myself to hork down during a manic feeding frenzy. Just being honest here, folks.

One of my best friends scoffs every time I order them. He's a wing purist, and wouldn't be caught dead ordering anything other than bone-in the way the meat gods clearly intended. He calls my boneless wings "glorified chicken nuggets".

And you know what? He's right.

Yeah, I agree that boneless wings aren't real chicken wings. I, a grown man, order nuggies.

Not all the time, though. I often have the primal urge to tear some spicy honey barbecue sauce coated meat off a bone while gulping down a good Hefeweizen like the noble cavemen of yore. That's when I feel I'm really eating wings.

But I still love those nuggets.

So my answer to the question "are boneless wings really wings?" is a big fat NO. I freely admit that they're big boy chicken nuggets, and I will never stop ordering them.

There's apparently another debate raging around wings now: flats or drums? I'd never even heard of "flats" being called that before today. Anyway, when I'm in the bone-in mood, I love 'em both. I honestly can't decide.

I'm putting two polls in this article to gauge your thoughts on both these questions, and I welcome you to sound off in the comments.

Just don't pile onto me for ordering the boneless wings. I did admit it's kinda silly.

Also, let us know where in Central Texas you go for the best wings. I need to try some new places.

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