As Thanksgiving passes here in Central, Texas, let's do a quick a recap on how well the days before Thanksgiving went thanks to the Steve Harvey Morning Show and our friends at Walmart.

My coworkers and I had the pleasure of passing out turkeys to all of Central Texas for the annual  Steve Harvey Turkey Giveaway, and let’s just say that was probably the most emotional and exhausting day I have experienced so far this year. Now I know hearing words like exhausting and emotional could be seen in a negative light, but I can assure you that it was nothing but happy tears.




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I’ve always been a fan of this time of year because it’s when families come together enjoy each other‘s company and realize how blessed they are to have one another, but to actually be a part of something so meaningful this year was just a lot different.

This season is all about generosity and giving back, and it was an honor and pleasure to be able to do that thanks to Steve Harvey and Walmart. Let me explain.

See, not only did Steve make the turkey give possible, but area Walmart locations of Market 81 also stepped up in a big way to match his generosity. Because no Thanksgiving turkey dinner is complete with sides and pie, Walmart donated both!

Special Thank You to Walmart and the Steve Harvey Morning Show

I wanna say thank you to Walmart and Steve Harvey for being so thoughtful to all of Central Texas! This is how the Steve Harvey 2023 turkey giveaway went.

The Steve Harvey Turkey Giveaway

Radio personality Piggie Harris shares her experience during The Steve Harvey Turkey Giveaway.

Gallery Credit: Piggie

Steve Harvey Put Smiles On These Killeen Faces For Thanksgiving

Every year since the Steve Harvey Morning Show has been on MYKISS 1031, he and his show have teamed up with Walmart to donate turkeys to listeners here in the Killeen area.

In the past, we've donated turkeys on behalf of Steve and the crew to Operation Phantom Support, Communities in Schools, and The Bell County Child Welfare Board.

This year we did it differently and gave the entire public a chance to enter to win a FREE Thanksgiving Turkey courtesy of The Steve Harvey Morning Show and Walmart.

And boy did you take advantage of the opportunity!

We would like to thank you for entering and we hope your Thanksgiving was a great one!

Here are a bunch of smiling faces that were blessed with juicy birds for the holiday, compliments of the Steve Harvey Morning Show, Walmart, and MYKISS1031!

Do you see anyone you know?

Gallery Credit: Trey the Choklit Jok, The Piglet, Leo Shoemaker, Phyllis Jones

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This is 10 things in Texas that make it the best state in America.

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