This past weekend was excellent; I got a call on my way home from a good friend that another friend of ours was in town for a wedding.

Even though My wife and I had scheduled date night this past Friday, she was OK with us hanging out with some of my old college buddies.

We met up at my favorite cigar lounge in Austin, Ashes Cigar Lounge,

We sat down and caught up with each other and reminisce about the good old days back when we went to college.

I must say it was a good time.

One of my friends is an author and has written some excellent motivational books.

Even his son has written a children's book.

I remember him sending me this video of Les brown motivational speaker about how you have to be hungry.

Not in the sense of being hungry for food but in being hungry for following your dreams.
In this video, Les talks about his quest to become a Disc Jockey which the equivalent to what I am as an on-air personality.

As watch the video, Les words a powerful as to never give up you have to keep trying.

I live by this motto of " You gotta be hungry."

In my radio career, it has been times that I wanted to give up because I wasn't advancing quickly enough, but I stayed in there and didn't quit.

I wanted to be there bad enough, and I was patiently waiting for my shot and finally got it.

That is why I am here today because I was hungry!!



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