Hello CTX, I hope your last week and weekend were simply amazing.

This past weekend was eventful, with some big events going on.

Calvin Richardson and Friends performed at the Harker Heights event center this past Saturday; I talked to concert goers that attended the show says it was good.

Of course, I was at the hottest grown folks spot in Killeen, Chiefs sports bar and grill. Both from Shreveport, Louisiana, Jay Croz and Sweet Nay put on a great show; both had fans from far who came to see them.

Always a good time when I'm at chiefs.

This week is Good Friday and Easter Sunday, and things are getting back to normal, so we will see how the annual Easter church service goes.

Friday morning, the kiss 1031 hotline ringed, which is odd because I wasn't giving away prizes, so I answered, which I usually don't do because I am writing an article like I am doing now.

The first call was from Sgt Push-up telling me about the great things he is doing for our youth.

My second call was a gentleman that was distraught and upset. As we talked, he told me that he was depressed and wanted to give up on life. After a lot of encouragement from me, we finally got off the phone.

I still reach out to him, and I am going to still check on this gentleman.

My motivation for you is to remember that we cant go through things in our lives alone. We need a solid support group whether you are providing support or seeking support.





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