It is the Monday after Easter, around this time last year. Covid19 shut down the state of Texas, the family and I were watching Easter service online.

I didn't know when things would go back to normal going to work was surreal. No one literally on the highways, The airport was like a ghost town.

Fast forward to this weekend; Texas is opened at 100% capacity; my wife took our 20-month-old son to take pictures with the Easter Bunny and to a few Easter egg hunts.

Even though people are slowly making their way back to in-person service at our church Life Family Austin, this Easter Sunday had a nice turnout.

and to top off a great weekend, last night, I witnessed greatness with the Verzuz battle between the legendary Earth Wind and Fire and The Isley Brothers

Hosted by My Kiss 103.1 Morning show host Steve Harvey and sounds by the legendary DJ D-Nice

Of course, I sat in my backyard with two cigars and my adult beverage with two laptops so I could read the comments on the Verzuz Instagram page cause they are hilarious and watch the battle with Triller because of the HD quality.

Both groups had to pick 25 songs from their long catalog of music; I was happy with the songs both groups selected.

My Motivation for you that you have a second chance most of the time. And what will you do with that second chance is the question.

Seize the moment with that second chance; you might not get another moment





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