This week was a particularly tough one. My cousins called me last week and delivered the news that my aunt passed away.

One of my cousins gave the message during the service and challenged my family to come together for more than just funerals and the occasional family reunion.

I was moved by the sentiment and the reason for us gathering, and I am definitely going to make time for fellowship with my family, even though I get sidetracked with everyday work and life.

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Big shout-out to my cousins for organizing a wonderful homegoing service for my late Aunt Jean. I was happy to hang with all my family after the service and catch up with everyone while we played dominos and listened to music

On our way back to Austin, my wife suggested we listen to a podcast service that we have been trying to listen to together for some while now.

Pastor Todd from Transformation Church in Tulsa, OK, had a powerful message about having crazy faith that everything will work out for your good.

He references the song by Gnarls Barkley, "Crazy".

The verse says, "My heroes had the heart to lose their lives out on the limb."

In fact, Pastor Todd does a great job of peppering in relatable songs that help get across his message.

Here, it's partly about trusting that when things in your life are crazy, that's when you're being called up on to demonstrate the faith to be a part of making things right again.

At 22:47 in the video below, Pastor Todd goes into the difference between saying you have faith and actually living it out. It's a powerful message about believing something's true, trusting in that belief, and "putting your weight on it". Don't just settle for what's better - trust in what's promised.

Pastor Todd has 20 part series on crazy faith. I've only had the opportunity to enjoy one of them so far, but I am very much looking forward to watching all 20 of them.

I encourage you to keep the faith. Faith believes in something that's unseen.

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