If you’ve never visited or lived in the state of Texas, understand that the great state has its good, its bad, and its ugly like any other state. There's plenty of room here, and while plenty of places are perfectly wholesome places to call him, there are towns and areas you should definitely avoid.

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I have always been a proud Texan, and rather than ever move, I've decided to raise my family here - specifically here in Central Texas. After all, I know where to find the best food, the schools where my kid is most likely to excel, and most importantly, where the most dangerous places to live are in Texas (so I can avoid them).

Ours is the largest continental state, which gives it plenty of room for there to be certain cities that aren't very wholesome or family-friendly. Every state has its problem areas, and even though Texas is an exceptional place, it's not immune to crime, poverty, and other social ills.


Now, this is the opinion of a YouTube traveler by the name of Nick Johnson who travels all over Texas to see the best and worst of our great state as shown here. Anyone that knows me knows I love the Lone Star State, but here are some of the not-so-nice places you wouldn't want to hang your cowboy hat.

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