What's even more stupid than vandalizing a church? Recording yourself doing it.

KWTX is reporting that they received a copy of video of the vandals of the Willow Grove Church in Moody actually showing themselves during their rampage.

The video appears to show that the attack at the church was carried out by teenage girls.

Eyewitnesses say two juvenile girls were seen leaving the church. Those girls were actually questioned by police, but no arrests were made because the church didn't want to press any charges.

The Pastor of Willow Grove Church said, "This shows that there's a lot of anger, a lot of hatred, a lot there that needs to be removed and only God can do that. But if we can be a part in this community to help individuals on that path, such as these folks, then we want to be."

Pastor Steve Desjardins says he wants to show them mercy and he prays that they'll come and help clean up the church - and clean up their act.

He might want to pray that the parents of the kids help out as well.

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