You didn't think Batman could turn 75 without getting a little love from the people at Mondo, did you? The purveyors of pop culture-inspired boutique art are going to celebrate 75 years of Batman in a big way, and they're kicking things off this week at Comic-Con 2014 with an exclusive Joker poster.

Slashfilm reports that Mondo will be releasing an exclusive Joker poster created by Jason Edmiston this Wednesday at Comic-Con, along with several other Batman-themed posters and LPs (those are "records," for you young folks, or "vinyl" for those sophisticated among you) from 'Batman: The Animated Series.' Yes, you will soon be able to listen to the soundtrack from one of the greatest animated shows of all time in vinyl form. You can check out Jason Edmiston's Joker poster in full below.

In addition, Mondo will also be debuting a Batman 75 art exhibit at their gallery in Austin this October. As always, even if you can't make it over to Comic-Con or down to Austin, you'll still be able to purchase prints online when Mondo releases them to the general public. So be sure to keep an eye on the @MondoNews Twitter feed for more information on when and how you can buy some seriously awesome Batman art.

Click on the image below for a larger, high-res version:


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