We recently told you about one of the most iconic pieces of music wardrobe history going up for auction in Dallas and someone paid BIG money to get their "hands" on it....or in this particular case, put their hands in it.

Heritage Auctions held their "Entertainment and Memorabilia Auction" over the past weekend with tons of amazing items but the highlight was a Michael Jackson personally owned crystal studded glove worn on stage during the Victory Tour in 1984.

In the summer and fall of 1984, MJ reunited with his brothers, "The Jacksons" for "The Victory Tour" which would be his final tour with his brothers before Michael would go on to one of the biggest solo stars on the planet.

Over the weekend, the "glove" MJ wore sold for $112,500! That's a lot of money to own a huge piece of music history and the question I have for whoever brought it is, Do you wear it just once or do you put it away for resell in the future?

I probably couldn't resist putting it on and doing a quick "Moonwalk" with it.


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