When I'm on the clock "Jammin On The Job" I rarely leave our studios to go grab something to eat because I'm live on the air while most folks are on their lunch break. But I've been craving Whataburger for a minute that craving intensified when I found out that they came out with their Dr. Pepper Shake.

So I hopped in the car and went to Whataburger in Temple on General Bruce Drive and ordered a couple of Dr. Pepper shakes to see what they taste like. Our digital managing editor Aaron Savage got one too and here are the results.

It's very delicious but mine was very THICK so it was hard to get a good taste of it at first but then when it melts a little bit, you can taste the fusion of Dr. Pepper with the vanilla shake so it has more a "Dr. Pepper Float" taste. Its very good and you should try it!

Thanks Aaron for trying it out with me!

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