Valentine's Day is over and while most call this "President's Day", I'm calling it "National SidePiece Day" because while most couples are spending this day together, there are few who "thought" they were couples waking up to the realization that they are alone on Valentine's Day but today will probably get a call from their "love interest" TODAY while gifts and presents are heavily marked down. So, here's a playlist to help you get through this "rough" time.

  • 1

    "He's Mine" - Mokenstef

    "He Might be doing you, but he's thinking about me" closed.

  • 2

    "Woman To Woman" - Shirley Brown

    Shirley calls Barbara and tells her that that's HER man, my question is what happens to him after the phone hangs up?

  • 3

    "As We Lay" - Shirley Murdock/Kelly Price

    The national anthem for side chicks worldwide! Whether its the original by Shirley Murdock or the cover by Kelly Price, you better put him out before the sun comes up!

  • 4

    "Down Low" - R. Kelly

    The worst kind of cheating: when its someone closest to you, it sucks when someone you trust screws over you but that doesn't stop some people in conducting in this outrageous behavior.

  • 5

    "Secret Lovers" - Atlantic Starr

    Despite the musical beauty of this song, it still showcases the "cheating" nature that's instilled in some folks.

  • 6

    "Friend Of Mine" - Kelly Price

    Let's revisit the drama and love triangle that R. Kelly, Kelly Price, and Ronald Isley started. Yes, the worst kind of feeling is having a best friend cheat on you with someone you thought was YOURS.

  • 7

    "Bust Your Windows" - Jazmine Sullivan

    Now you know damn well that woman was crazy when you met her, yet you still choose to cheat on her and press your luck, better call your insurance company...

  • 8

    "Heard It All Before" - Sunshine Anderson

    Girl, you heard it all before right? Time to kick him to curb!

  • 9

    "Go On Girl" - Ne-Yo

    Let's be clear, the best cheaters in the world are WOMEN so don't get it twisted, women are capable of being just as dirty.

  • 10

    "The Boy Is Mine" Brandy & Monica

    There's no point in fighting with someone who doesn't want to be with you. "You need to give it up!".

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