Townsquare Media has asked Melz On The MIC to work from home for the next 14 days. He does not have "Covid-19" but out of an abundance of caution, he will work from home and the following is an account of what he does "on the clock".

Well its Day 2 of the quarantine and I have to admit, I enjoy working at the place where all my stuff is at and there's a bed nearby. None of that is helpful by the way.

That's why Day 2 didn't get off to a great start. For starters, my wonderful family who knows that I'm a workaholic, let me fall asleep in my closet studio. Okay, there were some "spirits" involved so its not really their fault but I gotta blame somebody.

Anywho, I woke up to an email reminder from our digital editor, the Great Aaron Savage, (I mean that sincerely, don't you edit this out my dude) about a meeting this morning we would be having via video chat.

See the problem with working from home is you're WAAAAY too comfortable. Like IN YOUR DRAWS comfortable. When it comes to these "video meetings" you don't want to be caught off guard fam. So I had to get ready....for a meeting that they could have sent an email for.


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