Let's begin by saying: CALM DOWN. I get it, its a scary time and we've never been in a situation like this before but you have to understand that its better to be SAFE and TAKE PRECAUTION now before things get really out of hand.

Look, we're all going to be trapped inside this weekend for the most part as just about all the events have been either cancelled or postponed in Central Texas but really, its not all bad to me anyway. I LOVE being at home and I'm looking forward to the opportunity to spend some real quality time with my family and look forward to reconnect with my people (by phone or social media that is).

So in the interest of helping you out, I'm going to share with you my COVID-19 response plan. This is how I plan on making it through the next few days or possible weeks:


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    Ordering Takeout From LOCAL Food Spots

    I can't stress this enough, the small local businesses in Central Texas are going to get hit the hardest. But many are still open for business and you can order food through carryout or delivery through 3rd party apps. You can find a list of spots in Temple and Belton by clicking here or scroll down to hear from some restaurants that will share with you more details.

    Getty Images/iStockphoto
    Getty Images/iStockphoto
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    No Sports, No Problem

    Fellas and fellow sports fans, before you resort to make your kids fight to the death for your sporting pleasure, there are lots of streaming sports options available to keep you occupied. The NFL announced that its streaming service Game Pass will be available for FREE until the end of May giving you access to every NFL game played over the last DECADE.

    Also, my personal suggestion is to spend $5 and subscribe to ESPN+. While they don't have any live sports, they have a MASSIVE library of all their 30 for 30 sports docs, classic games and boxing matches and more exclusive sports content. For $5, you really can't beat that.

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    Netflix And Chill, Hulu And Do You, Disney Plus D..etc.

    Yes, get ready for a whole lot of "Netflix And Chill", "Hulu & Do You", "Disney Plus D", you get the gist. At least you'll be able to catch up on those shows you keep hearing folks talk about, IF you get that far.

    But please, whatever happens, don't name your BABY after this pandemic. You know how kids born during bad events are often named after the occasion, so please don't name your kid "Corona" or "CoDavid" or "Quarantina" or no silly ish like that and if you do, lose my address on the baby shower invite.

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    Listen To MyKiss1031!

    Need music? We're JAMMING 24/7 on air at 103.1 FM, online here on our website (Just click on "Listen Live") on your smartphone with the FREE MyKiss1031 app, (search KSSM in your app store) and on your Amazon Alexa device, just say "Alexa Play My Kiss ONE OH THREE ONE".

    Our weekends are jumping with Melz & Jojo on the Friday Night Dance Party, Steve Harvey Cortney Hicks and Sheryl Underwood will hold you down throughout the day on Saturdays, then you can kick back with Gerald McBride and the crew for the Old School House Party at 7:00 PM

    Then get your praise all Sunday morning long with Gospel music from Donnie McClurkin, Hezekiah Walker and Marvin Sapp then chill with the ladies of Cafe Mocha Radio at Noon. Melz & Jojo is back with Throwback Sunday at 2 followed by Trey Da Choklit Jok with The Boombox at 5 and Keith Sweat wraps it up at 7:00 PM.

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    Restaurants Open In Killeen And Heights

    As I told you at the start, lots of restaurants and food trucks and other business will be OPEN this weekend so we asked a few of our LOCAL restaurant owners to call in and tell us that they are open for business. Restaurants open include Chief's Sports Grill, House of Coney Island, Butler's BBQ, Dam Sandwiches, Bones Cracked Rib BBQ, Taj Sports Bar, Just Cookin BBQ & More, Yeah She Rolling Food Truck and Tillie Marie's.

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