By now you've heard about the new "Pickle Juice Slush" from Sonic and when we asked you if you would be willing to try it, a majority of the answers we received were:

So in the interest of curiosity I decided to take it upon myself to give it shot and try it out so you don't have to! After much peer pressure from everyone on "Lunchtime Live" on our Facebook page, I went ahead and got it done for the sake of your entertainment. First I had to secure said slush and my brother Jojo Paul helped me out and shared his thoughts as well:

After that, I took it to Facebook Live for my gut reaction and my immediate thoughts, to get straight to the point, you skip right ahead to the 21:00 MINUTE MARK:

Upon further review, the SMELL of pickle is STRONG and could immediately cause you to think twice before trying it. The first sip is a mixture of sweet "lime" slush followed by a KICK of pickle juice which in all honesty causes you to once again reevaluate the decision you made.

But once the pickle flavor settles down you it turns back into an innocent lime slush which isn't so bad but you can still expect a tinge of pickle flavor and if you're not a heavy pickle eater like myself, its gonna leave a bad after taste.

The best review came from Nikki who summed up the taste with his comment:


It tastes sweet when you first hit it, but it eventually leaves a bad taste in your mouth and stomach.

Many thanks to the folks at Sonic in Copperas Cove!

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