Its the most wonderful time of the year for the Central Texas music and party lover such as myself! SXSW came to close over the weekend after its nearly 2 week takeover of Austin and considering that I've been to this event for 9 years straight, I had another great time!

The week kicked off with a hilarious special live show of Comedy Central's @Midnight then visits to Austin's Dub Academy to check out some DJ's and beat makers, then it was running the streets for hours with a dead cell phone while catching artists from all genres of music from hip hop to R&B to pop.

My highlight of the week though had to be our stop through The MTV Woodies featuring Jidenna and some of "next generation" of hip hop. It was amazing to see the parking lot of The Austin American Statesman get transformed into an amazing scene and not to mention all the free drinks and food, yes, I was locked in there for hours!

But here's a recap video of everything I could capture! Looking forward to being there next year!

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