Here's another story in the random life of Melz.

Last night, I was knocked out in my Tempurpedic from Mattress Firm (yeah I did that) after a long day of work when I was awaken by my wife who asked me to come with her to Killeen Bowlerama to hang out with some co-workers of hers and have some drinks. Now I'm not a drinker, but I am a bowler. A few summers ago, I actually joined a bowling league and had a blast, even made it to the championship game with my teammate. So, I went ahead and got it in..

When I got there, we went straight to the bar, but the lanes were calling. I didn't know it was "Dollar Game Night" which meant the games were only a $0.99 so I grabbed some shoes and locked in my own lane.

I was rusty in game 1. I chunked a 106, but then somehow I got REALLY focused in and starting throwing strikes, by game 2 I was up to 138. I planned on stopping there but I couldn't, I had to go on and play another one. Now in the meantime, my wife's co-workers, who planned to bowl, hadn't shown up yet. But as I was fired up and tossing the rock down the lane nailing strike after strike, they pulled up.

Remember a few weeks back, my post on "4 Types of Parents At Texas Youth Sports"? Well, I was at Hulk status as my score climbed to 156 as I threw 2 strikes back to back in the 10th frame when I noticed they brought some kids to play. Now I'm feeling like one of THOSE parents despite the fact that my kids wasn't there. I came crashing back to reality and I tossed one last the gutter.

The kids who were watching remarked: "We don't wanna play with him, he's too good", as I packed my shoes away and assured them that I wouldn't be playing. But I might have to get back into a league soon when I have some free time, but if you catch me out on the lanes, I'm down to play, just don't beat me too bad!

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