What it comes down to is that it's safest to just pay inside the gas station.

KLTV is reporting that the Marshall Police Department issued a warning about gas pump skimmers and now being placed inside the machine instead of just on the outside.

You might wonder how one can protect themselves with the skimmer being on the inside. There is something that can be done, which you should do, if you plan on using a card to pay for your petrol.

Grab your smart phone. I know, some say that the phones could start a fire, still, your hard earned money is worth the risk. Then enable the Bluetooth. Then have it search for any unusual signals. If a signal comes back from the gas pump, get back in the car and drive away.

Other tips include checking the anti-tampering seal. If it's broken, contact the store management and don't use the machine.  You should also use your debit card as credit. That way you don't have to use your PIN number. But again, the best way to protect yourself is to pay with cash.


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