What most likely started as a fun night out in downtown Austin, Texas on East 6th Street ended with some people wearing extra jewelry and maybe even a free stay in the grey bar hotel.

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Bar owners in the Austin Entertainment District have been recently complaining a lot about the homelessness and vagrancy that is constantly decorating the sidewalks outside of their establishments, but one problem will remain until the end of bar hopping time, and that is the juiced up jostle.

Marine Corps fight breaks out in front of Voodoo Lounge in Austin, Texas.

Google Images/Canva
Google Images/Canva

You already know that a whole lot of brain power is probably not being applied if decide to get into a late night fight outside of a bar. Even less strategy is probably being considered when your opponent of choice is a unit from the United States Marine Corps.

One thing that quickly expedited the end of this brawl is clearly its geographical location as the entertainment district is well patrolled by the Austin Police Department and the Texas Department of Public Safety.

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