We all know the saying: Don't Mess With Texas. That goes triple if you ever run into Margaret Smith - the only woman currently on Texas' Top 10 Most Wanted list.

Margaret is a very scary woman considered not only armed, but very dangerous.


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Margaret is wanted for capital murder. Smith was charged with hiring a man to kill her husband, George Smith, back on August 6, 2007. Investigators say that she lured her husband to Surfside Beach, Texas late at night and left him sitting in the sand while being distracted by the beautiful view. The man she'd hired then beat George to death with a metal object. That hitman was convicted, but Margaret has been on the run since August 11, 2009 after fleeing Brazoria County.

That's bad enough, but what really frightens me about this woman is in all of her mugshots she’s also smiling as if she is taking senior class pictures. That is a sign of psychopath.

Smith also has an alias - Lorraine Womble Smith. (Just in case the name sounds familiar.)

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Margaret was last seen at a Walmart in San Antonio. This woman is absolutely ruthless and plays no games. Out of everyone who is on the most wanted list, her crime is definitely among the most heinous.

The current reward for her capture is $7,500. Just keep in mind that you shouldn't try to apprehend her yourself. If you know where she may be or you've seen her, give Crime Stoppers a call at 1-800-252-TIPS (8477). You don't have to give them your name, even if your tip leads to an arrest and you're entitled to the reward. They'll make sure you get the check and she gets her day in court.

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