A Lowe's employee quit out of fear for his safety after a video of him at work went viral.

The employee, who worked at a Lowe's location in Louisiana, went viral on TikTok after he was filmed struggling to handle a large box in February.

The video, which was filmed by a customer, shows the employee attempting to retrieve a large box from a high shelf. As he struggles with the box, another employee can be heard encouraging him, while a third tells him "that's not a good idea."

At one point, the employee becomes wedged between the box and some railing as he yells for help.

The employee reportedly quit out of fear for his personal safety on Feb. 17, not long after the video went viral.

Watch below:

In the comments section, viewers weighed in on the employee's actions.

"I use to work at Lowe's. He used the wrong lift, should use the order picker not the balemore," one person wrote.

"As a current Lowe's associate, I just gotta say whoever made him do that set him up to fail. No way would that patio item fit on that balemore," another shared.

"People are crazy and he was scared people would go to the store looking to harass him," a relative of the viral employee told Business Insider.

They added that the employee "spoke with his managers and all were concerned about his safety should he go back to work."

According to the outlet, Lowe's took "prompt action" to address employee safety after the video went viral.

"The safety of our associates and customers is embedded in our culture at Lowe's, and the actions in this video are contrary to the training that Lowe's provides," Lowe's spokesman Larry Costello told Business Insider.

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