Love & Hip Hop Atlanta came back for its fifth season last night (April 4). And although we saw Stevie J and Joseline Hernandez try to take on Hollywood with their own spin-off series, the rest of the cast is back to give us major updates about what they've been up to since we last saw them. Now that she moved on from Stevie and Nikko London, Mimi Faust has opened her heart up to a new person in her life. And while she kept it on the DL, she finally shared her new boo with fans.

After a short monologue and glimpses of their date, we meet Mimi's girlfriend, Chris. After dating for about a year, Mimi wanted to introduce Chris to her friends by throwing her girlfriend an all-white birthday party. While Rasheeda Frost, Tammy Rivera, Karlie Redd, Jessica Dime and new cast member Tommie tried to figure out who this new guy was, they were blown away to find out that Mimi's new main squeeze was actually a woman. And Chris couldn't be happier to have her lady come out with the news.

Although Mimi is so in love, the rest of the cast seem to be going through some rocky times. Both Yung Joc and Scrappy are now single men and ready to have some fun. The two guys decided to get a bachelor pad together, which they filled with ATL's hottest ladies including Scrappy's new personal assistant, Taylor. Even though Scrappy views Taylor as his employee, he doesn't want Joc jumping on her.

Scrappy may be happier as a single businessman; he revealed that he's starting a modeling agency. He isn't too pleased Rasheeda and Kirk Frost, who he counted on as character witnesses during his hearing with Erica Dixon over child support. Unfortunately, the couple bailed on him during the trial, which didn't work in his favor. He revealed these issues to his mom and unsurprisingly Momma Dee wasn't pleased. Scrappy begged her not to get involved, but no one can do that to Dee's child and get away with it. Despite this problem, Scrappy wanted to get the story on why Dee was arrested for allegedly "dining and dashing." She revealed that her friends took her out to dinner for her birthday, but they left her with the $500 bill while she was in the bathroom. Dee only paid for her share and was arrested for it. She also spoke about some rough times with her husband, Ernest. While she kept that part relatively short, we're sure the season will bring more details regarding their relationship.

Of course, Momma Dee couldn't let what the Frost did slide. So she stopped by Pressed, Rasheeda's store, to talk it out. Unfortunately, the conversation turned into a screaming match and ended with Dee throwing a nest down, which she explained below.

This season brought us the show's newest cast members, the King Family. With Karen "KK" King as the matriarch, Yung Joc explained that they are respected and feared simultaneously in the ATL.

The Kings didn't take too long to reveal their dramas--including potential jail time for Scrapp DeLeon. But before he has to deal with the law, there's a problem between his current girlfriend Tommie and baby mama Tiarra. But all the problems started when KK told Tommie about her suspicions regarding Scrapp's devotion to Tommie. Since he's co-parenting with Tiarra, he has been spending lot of time at her place in order to see his son, King. Unfortunately, Scrapp hasn't brought up Tommie to his baby mama. After hearing KK's speculations, her paranoia forced her to recruit Karlie to spy on Tiarra at the club she waitresses at and plotted to ruin her life.

After making the introduction, it looked like Tommie's plans were working. Unfortunately, Tiarra told Scrapp about her new friends and he knew that his girlfriend was up to something. He and Tommie confront each other. She demands that Scrapp come clean about whether or not he cheated, but he doesn't admit to anything and gets frustrated by the overall situation instead.

Is he innocent? Or is Scrapp playing two women? Find out more about this next week.

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