Love & Hip Hop Atlanta was explosive from start to finish this season. Of course one reunion episode just wasn't enough; there had to be two for all of the drama to be addressed. So if you thought the first part of the reunion was full of juicy gossip, wait for what goes down in the second half.

Last week, Joseline Hernandez hinted that she had a threesome with Mimi Faust and Stevie J, and luckily for us, we get to find out more about it in this week's clip. Mimi, who's always been hush-hush about sex life, hesitated on divulging anything about what happened that night. However, as Joseline kept pressing the issue, Mimi finally admitted that she and Joseline did fool around while Stevie watched, which, in her eyes, is not a threesome but some girl-on-girl play.

While everyone cheered about this news, Joseline admitted that it was one night and was open to it happening again. This got the crowd going again and Stevie praying for a repeat performance later that night. Joseline had the chance to apologize for all the negativity she's thrown at Mimi and even said she was "an awesome person."

Although things seem good on that front, Jessica Dime is still upset about her business with Mimi. She explained that she helped Jessica in the only way she could, which is use her connections in the music industry to get meetings and set up gigs. And surprisingly enough, Jessica accepted the explanation and thanked Mimi for the help she received.

Meanwhile, Margeaux Simms is happy doing whatever she pleases and has no remorse in showing up to Jessica's performance without an invite. Mimi shrugs off those comments, but Jessica couldn't do that with an audience member, who started calling her out from the crowd. And Jessica -- being Jessica -- hopped up to defend herself. Host Nina Parker had no choice but to go to a commercial break while the audience member was escorted out.

After the break, it was Momma Dee, her hubby Ernest, Scrappy, his girl Bambi and Erica Dixon in the spotlight. While they sat as a family, it was hardly a happy home on the set. Momma Dee admits that she learned how to pimp from Ernest and even reveals that Scrappy owes her some money from the ladies he bought from his mama. Since Dee and Ernest remarried, Nina asks if wedding bells will happen in Scrappy's future by putting focus on the promissory ring he gave Bambi. Will the ring ever be upgraded to the real deal?, He quickly says yes.

And although the love talk seems calm and collected, things quickly flare up when Erica and Scrappy's child support problems are put in the spotlight. Scrappy reveals he was already paying $2,000 a month, but Erica wanted $5,000. Meanwhile, Erica explains that their daughter needed things like braces -- a big expense. The conversation escalates and involves Bambi, who claims she balances the checkbook when Erica said that she's "irrelevant." As the money talk continues, Scrappy stands up to address all of the baby mamas in the world. The rapper says he's sorry if their baby daddies don't do anything for their kids but he handles his own. Clearly, this feud doesn't look like it'll end anytime soon.

Kalenna is up next on the chopping block. She certainly had issues this season. Her husband Tony wanted to open a club with their savings, he didn't want to be her manager anymore and she was experiencing postpartum depression. Rough. However, the singer says she's doing better and has been focusing on her music.

Things continue to get better when she and Waka Flocka Flame's mom, Debra Antney, address their failed business deal and hug it out onstage. Now as far as Kalenna and Rasheeda Frost's friendship dissolving, the two admit that there was some big miscommunication on both sides. While it looks like Rasheeda and Kalenna are over their issues, everyone points out that Rasheeda expects to be included in everything but hardly ever calls anyone to show their support. Case in point: Karlie Redd. Earlier this season, she and Rasheeda fought over the strength of their friendship. And while it seemed a bit petty, perhaps the cast does have a point about how Rasheeda handles her friendships. What do you think?

Before the show ends, Joseline and Stevie J perform a medley of the Puerto Rican Princess' tracks. While most of the cast seems to support her, Margeaux is clearly not a fan and calls out Joseline for being a "trash bucket" with no talent. Once Joseline snaps back, Margeaux can't deal and walks off stage with Nikko London trailing behind her. Does this mean the end for Nikko and Margeaux for season five of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta? Only time will tell.

Despite the argument, the show must go on. Joseline and Stevie, who are set to have their own spin-off show while in Los Angeles, performed "I'm Stingy With My Kutty Kat" and "Church" (the track she performed without Stevie earlier in the season). After she receives cheers from everyone in the studio, Mimi quickly runs onstage and everyone's gasps because they're clueless about what will go down.

Mimi has a special message for Joseline. She tells her that God answered her prayers by helping her get Stevie back as a friend. And she also adds that Joseline is Stevie's family so that means that she's part of Mimi's circle too. By the end of the speech, a teary-eyed Joseline hugs Mimi, and Stevie is ecstatic and hugs everyone else. It looks like one feud is over, but that only means that even more will be brewing for season five. We can't wait to find out how that plays out next year in the South.

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