After weeks of triumph and tribulation going on in the South, the fourth season of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta is coming to a close. But of course, the season couldn't end without an intense cliffhanger.

Last week's episode ended with Jessica Dime's surprise duet with Margeaux Simms at the show that Mimi Faust put together. Performing their new remixed version of Margeaux's "Start a War," Mimi, Stevie J and Arielle Davis were completely blindsided by what happened. However, Mimi gathered some composure and confronted Dime about the situation and put an end to any chance of working together again.

Now that the Jessica Dime situation is over and done with, Stevie can look forward to his California move. But with Joseline Hernandez wanting to do her own thing, Stevie realizes he doesn't want to do the relocation alone and proposes that Mimi and their daughter, Eva, go to the Left Coast with him, too. Although it's a good thing to do for Eva, Mimi said she really has to think about it.

What will Joseline think? While Joseline is getting ready for her big performance at Gayborhood, Stevie is at their house writing her a letter explaining his feelings about doing things without him and that he won't be at her performance that day. Tucking the letter in a bouquet of red roses, Stevie packs up his stuff and is ready to head to Los Angeles without his wife. After three years of putting his energy into her career, it's time to focus on himself.

Kalenna has taken her therapist's advice and is using music to heal herself. Back in the studio, Kalenna feels like these are her best tracks yet because they really show her vulnerability. As she's working on one song, her husband, Tony Harper, comes in to discuss his role as her manager. Instead of jumping to say yes, she breaks down in happy tears and feels like he's asking her to get married again, making this one of the sweeter moments we've seen this season.

Margeaux is all about coming clean to her ex-husband, Nikko London. She needs to set the record straight about her dating life and meets him during his workout. She finally reveals that she hasn't been seeing a guy but a woman named Merica. Nikko is taken aback and upset at first, but he considered everything he put her through and is supportive. She also explains that the reason it took her so long to say anything to him is because of the fact that she has her own issues with the fact that she's now with a woman. Not only was it a struggle to really be open about that, but she's dealing with the fact that her family is no longer speaking to her because she has a girlfriend.

After all the whining Rasheeda Frost did on the show about opening up her own store, the big day has arrived. With all her "real" friends in attendance, she and Kirk Frost couldn't be happier. However, to Rasheeda's surprise, Karlie Redd walks in. Although she did invite her, she really didn't expect her to show up. And if she did, Rasheeda was preparing herself for a brawl. Once Karlie headed in the direction of Erica Dixon and Rasheeda, she came bearing the olive branch and offered peace. The result? All three ladies laughing -- in a good way. While there will probably be another flair up in the next season, let's just be glad that they can put away their egos -- at least for one night.

After several episodes without Yung Joc and Khadiyah Lewis, the two are both present at Rasheeda's store opening. The rapper is happy to see KD and is pleased that she's wearing the gifts he bought her. With a smile on his face, he has hope for their relationship.

The happiness continues with Momma Dee and Ernest Bryant's wedding. Despite everything looking nice, she paces around the bridal suite because her son, Scrappy and daughter Jasmine are nowhere to be found. And before she might pass out from her nervousness, Jasmine comes in and tells her that no matter what she wants to see her mom happy.

But what about Scrappy? With her son still not at the wedding venue and only moments away before saying, "I do," Momma Dee calls on Yung Joc to walk her down the aisle. But at the last minute, Scrappy finally shows up, which puts a big smile on Momma Dee's face. And she's not the only one relieved. Joc is more than happy to hand over the job to his boy. Besides, he brought KD to the wedding. The two are clearly back together. KD reveals that Joc didn't just get a divorce but has also cut all ties with Sina. So perhaps he has turned over a new leaf and is going to be the man KD has always wanted.

Now back to the wedding. Everyone is more or less in attendance including Erica. While Scrappy and Dee make it down the aisle, her son makes a little speech before handing his mom's hand to Ernest. He makes Ernest promise to make his mother a better person and make sure his mom butts out of his business. The ceremony continues and the two finally tie the knot again.

As Dee and Ernest say, "I do," Joseline was performing at Gayborhood and even got emotional after performing her new song "Church." After her set, she went back to her dressing room to find lots of flowers from fans and also the bouquet that Stevie sent her with the letter. As she was about to read it, Karlie walks in to show some love. However the situation gets heavy after Karlie tells Joseline about Stevie's extended LA invite to Mimi. Joseline then feels that Karlie is always coming with gossip to hurt her. And so she's done with Ms. Redd and not only kicks her out but also starts hitting her in the face with flowers. While Karlie defends her honor by saying she's the one who always had Joseline's back, she also screams that Joseline is going to be all by herself because no one likes her.

The episode ends with a recap of everyone's final words. Momma Dee is all smiles while walking out of her wedding with Ernest while Margeaux, who's now rocking some long locks, reunites with her new love Merica. Rasheeda recounts all her own dramas but is happy in the end because she not only got her store but also has her family and man by her side. Mimi is in New York to finalize her autobiography with a new publishing company, which means Nikko doesn't get a cut. While she's on the fence about LA, it's okay because she's focused on doing her. Scrappy and Bam are moving in together. And although he and Erica still have their legal issues, they're both promise to be good parents to their daughter. Karlie might have lost a friend in Joseline, but she's fine with that because she's got her boo, Lyfe Jennings, and her booming career. Meanwhile Kalenna talks about her career is getting back on track and her life is on its way as she's seen performing her music at the club that is finally making the Harpers money. Joseline explains that she doesn't care about the letter and that the only person she can trust is herself. The episode ends with what Stevie actually wrote in the letter.

And there you have it. Another season of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta is in the books. But of course, it isn't officially over just yet because we know that the reunion episodes are coming soon. So be sure to tune in at The Boombox because we'll have the scoop on what goes down. In the meantime, you can view the season four finale here.

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