Every day at Noon during the Lunchtime Quick Mix with DJ Lil John, I go live on our Facebook page MYKISS1031 to give you the rundown on what's going to be happening on Jammin On The J-O-B, to check in with YOU to see what's going down in Central Texas while you're on lunch and I share share some positive energy to help you get through the second half of your workday!

The love is so real and so appreciated, I want to thank you all for checking in everyday, because if I can give you some energy to get through another hectic workday, its my pleasure to do so! Here's some of the comments I get from you guys!

Some of yall just stop through and say "Hi" then its back to the grind, its all good, feel free to stop by and drop "Howdy" sometime!

Yes, we share some laughs and some love, cuz yall are my FAMILY too!

And some of yall share your confessions. I'm sorry fellas, if your girl doesn't answer her call at around Noon, she's ROCKING WITH ME, my bad, she'll call you back.

Its my honor to be here rocking with yall everyday CTX and I'll be here as long as yall have me!

Make sure you join me every week day on Facebook for Lunchtime Live for some fun during your workday and while I remain humble, I let the people speak for me:

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