Every day on the internet we like to kick off pointless yet endless debates about things that don't really matter at the end of the day but they help us pass the time at work or school.

So I was intrigued with this internet debate that's starting to flare up involving the end slices of bread (yes I know it can't get much more pointless than this). According to the website "The Daily Meal", after an actor on Twitter called the end slices "the heel", folks began to chime in with what they call the end slices in their home.

For the record, these answers came from mostly "British" Twitter users but this debate has crossed the pond into the States and the answers are just as wild. I asked listeners during my Facebook Live Show at Noon called #MandatoryMeeting and had a few respond with "The Booty"....Yall out here eating "Booty Bread"?

Its clear that the answers will be based on what region of America you're from so what say you? What do you call the end slices on a loaf of bread in your home?

For the record I call it "the two slices nobody in my house eats".

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