It's a new year, which means it's time to be out with the old and in with the new; or simply take some time to focus on you. At least that's the mindset LeToya Luckett follows in her new video, "Back 2 Life."

Featuring the handsome Thomas Q. Jones, best known for his recurring role on Gabrielle Union's hit show, Being Mary Jane, and his years in the NFL, LeToya Luckett recounts a love story gone wrong thanks to a good "friend" named Cynthia. First in love and floating through the honeymoon stage, Luckett discovers the man she thought she knew is nothing like the man she met after meeting his childhood friend who's a little too close for comfort.

She sings, "Somehow I thought I could build with you, thought it was real with you, doubtin' myself now," as she sits at her dining room table analyzing her romantic dealings.

The single video showcases unrequited love, something that may hit home for the former Destiny's Child singer. While there's no confirmed correlation, "Back 2 Life" may chronicle Luckett's relationship with her now ex-husband, Rob Hillman aka “The Heart Healer,” of whom she officially divorced after just three months of marriage last August.

The single Jo Blaq and YBZ track samples Soul II Soul's 1989 smash, "Back to Life," and will be featured on LeToya's third studio album, due out this Spring.


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