Everyone in Killeen, Texas including myself has been patiently waiting to see exactly what was going to replace Pier Juicy 7 Seafood Bar. For months we didn’t know exactly what was going to replace the old seafood bar until I did a little snooping around in April.

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Traditional Korean Barbecue or Gogi-Gui
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On April 4, I wrote an article breaking the news that K-Pot Korean BBQ & Hot Pot would be occupying the building, and I couldn’t be more excited. Again, I wrote that article in April, so it has been several months now and we still hadn't seen any type of real progress until this weekend. I drove past the building and it was no longer that off-blue color and just a banner. It has a K-Pot sign were up and it looks like it’s almost ready to go.


grilled pork belly korean barbeque
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The only thing left to know was when can we expect to finally go into the place and chow down. I had to do some more detective work, but it’s all worth it for Central Texas. I contacted a source who knew a timeframe on when we should be looking to dive into some succulent Asian cuisine.

Korean barbecue pork belly, Samgyeopsal-gui
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The source explained to me that there was a lot of construction work that still was needed inside the building, and they want to make sure that the establishment is absolutely perfect for us.

By the end of September, we should all be enjoying some of the best Korean barbecue we have ever had.

Did I mention that it’s also all you can eat?

I am so excited I cannot wait! Fortunately, it's looking more and more like I'll be chowing down there fairly soon.

There is not yet a specific date for their grand opening, but again, the source told me you’re looking at the end of September. So get your bellies ready, because it won't be long!

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