Last week, I gave a #Hell2DaNawNaw Award to the entire month of February and all its insanity. Jussie Smollett, R. Kelly, Robert Kraft and not to mention today's circus in D.C. with Michael Cohen's testimony condemning President Trump, the crazy stories just keep on coming and we STILL HAVE ONE MORE DAY TO GO IN FEBRUARY.

Luckily, one Texas liquor store chain, Twin Liquors, is closing out this month strong with deals on alcohol. Because there's nothing better to help you get rid of the bad taste (and bad memories) of this month like good liquor.


Twin Liquors is having its "Dollar Sale" beginning Feb. 28th for 3 days only until Saturday March 2nd. The liquor chain will be marking down hundreds of their bottles of  wines and spirits to the lowest prices possible, plus one dollar. Prices for an average bottle of wine will be marked down $5-20 depending on the bottle and hard liquors prices could be slashed nearly in half during this sale.

Just make sure you buy and drink responsibly.

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