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Since this is the last weekend of February 2019, its only right after the last 24 hours that this week's award goes to this INSANE month that was. What was supposed to be a month where we talked about love thanks to Valentine's Day has turned into a nonstop cycle of craziness all over the country.

Let's begin with THIS DUDE:

Jussie Smollett Booking Photo
Chicago Police Department, Getty Images

After garnering support and sympathy from everyone across the country, turns out Empire star Jussie Smollett was yanking our chain in an attempt to get more money and more exposure. The self-proclaimed "Gay Tupac" was arrested for filing a false police report after a mountain of evidence (including an alleged paper check written to this "accomplices") turned the tide against him and now everyone looks at him as a scumbag ala Ryan Lochte.


Larry Busacca, Getty Images
Larry Busacca, Getty Images

New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft was busted for solicitation of prostitution in Florida after police found him to be one of the folks involved in a sex sting operation. One minute you're palling around with rappers like Meek Millz and Cardi B and the next he's getting busted for getting a happy ending, how dreadful. The crazy thing about this story is, according to sources, his name ain't even the biggest name to drop from that case and there are MORE HIGH PROFILE NAMES to released soon. Oh boy.



The fact that R. Kelly didn't learn his lesson the first time is astonishing. If you were caught ON TAPE HAVING SEX WITH AN UNDERAGE GIRL why would you continue to do the same stuff AGAIN after you got away with it the first time. Now Kellz is facing TEN counts of aggravated sexual abuse.

But this story is the most disturbing I came across this month:

Court Hearing Held For Coast Guard Lt Accused Of Plotting Domestic Terrorism
Getty Images

According to NPR, 49 year old Coast Guard Lieutenant Christopher Paul Hasson was charged with stockpiling weapons and drugs and is being described as a "domestic terrorist" who was planning "to murder innocent civilians on a scale rarely seen in this country," by Federal authorities. Hasson has been described as a "white nationalist" who was planning to attack prominent Democratic lawmakers and television anchors from MSNBC and CNN. You probably didn't hear about this story because it was getting buried by Jussie's story.

We've seen domestic terrorist attacks on the rise yet, the government will have you believe that its folks from OUTSIDE this country that's causing all the problems. This comes on the heels of the SPLC's annual "Year In Hate" report that states that "hate groups have risen to an ALL TIME HIGH with 2 known "hate groups" operating inside Bell County.

With all this talk about "building a wall" to keep us safe, what exactly are we doing to keep Americans safe from the terrorists INSIDE OUR BORDERS already? Is this "wall" supposed to keep crime out or keep crime in? And yet, President Trump has time to tweet and be upset about Jussie Smollett but NOTHING about THIS story.

This month has been incredibly trash so since its the final weekend of February of 2019, let's all stay inside and mind our own business for the rest of the month because we have 10 more to go. Lord help us all. Bless us Bishop.

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