Although the holidays consist of us being around family and having a great time gathering with our loved ones, it can be very stressful. After cooking all that food and navigating all those family conversations, games, and occasional drama, you just want the holiday season to be completely over. Well I have a system that I’ve used for years to avoid the chaos your family can cause during the holiday season. Let’s talk my five rules to avoiding chaos during Thanksgiving here in Killeen, Texas and across the world.


Thanksgiving dinner should not last in your fridge any longer than that following weekend. You can only make so many turkey sandwiches, so many hams and split pea soups, and have dressing hash for breakfast until somebody will more than likely get sick. Throw it away. It went from being something very loving to being something that could be a possible liability and lawsuit. (Just kidding, but those leftovers can also get very gross very fast.)
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There is absolutely no reason unless you are participating in actual cooking, for you to be in my kitchen. Don’t come into my kitchen while I am trying to prepare a meal for you and think you can pick a little piece of meat or steal a scoop of yams. I will not only kick you out of my kitchen, but I will also kick you out of my house! Okay, maybe that’s way too far. but I will definitely yell!
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We all have a favorite cousin that we grew up doing bad things with. If you want to participate in a little bit of 420 activity, do not do it in front of my house. I don’t care that it’s legal in most states - it’s definitely not legal in Texas, and I will not be going to jail for you or your favorite cousin. Take it to the next block over, bucko!
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All children must sit at the children’s table. There is no reason why my 13-year-old niece wants to know how works going for me, or for me to pretend like she understands bills and mortgages. I will not waste my time with a child. You will go finish watching Cocomelon with the rest of your cousins.
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Last but not least, my number one rule when coming to my house. I understand we’re all family and we should be extremely comfortable with each other, but if you blow my toilet up not only will you be escorted out, you can never return to my house. I just think defecating and knowing that there’s going to be 30 people in the house is just out of pocket and I won’t be a part of it. But, once the rules have been enforced and there is an understanding, we all hold hands to say grace, and enjoy each other! Happy Thanksgiving Central Texas!
Thank goodness I have a habit of buying in bulk. Even before we were asked to shelter in place and practice social distancing, people were seeing reports of panicked buyers in other countries clearing store shelves of toilet paper and figuring they ought to do the same. In early March, I went to Walmart to buy my usual two mega packs of TP. I was already getting ugly looks, as if I was the most selfish piece of garbage on the planet. Now, I'd be lucky to find a roll on the shelf by the time I could get into the store.
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