According to News Week, Salmonella has made its way into dairy products here in Texas. Shucks, which is a company decided to issue a voluntary recall on cheese due to concerns of possible salmonella contamination on Saturday.

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Townsquare Media/Canva
Townsquare Media/Canva

The company announced that Shuck products that would be recalled would include whipped cream spread, Shuck's strawberry spread, and cream cheese spread with the possibility of containing salmonella. Salmonella is a common bacteria disease that affects the intestinal tract. Salmonella bacteria typically live in animals and human intestines and shed through defecation. Salmonella is usually not a life-threatening disease, however in certain cases, especially young children, the elderly, transplant, recipients, pregnant women, and infant babies who have weak immune systems, they could develop complications, and that could be very dangerous.


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If you find yourself having diarrhea, stomach, cramps, fever, nausea, chills, blood in your stool, or even vomiting, it is a possibility that you have an infected with, Salmonella and to recover antibiotics are used to treat people with surreal illnesses, and you should drink extra fluids as long as the diarrhea last. As of right now, the recall has not been lifted, but we will make sure to keep Tex up-to-date if there are any changes.



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