It’s always a beautiful thing when the community comes together and gets to enjoy each other at any type of event.

It really doesn’t matter what community you are a part of as long as everyone is enjoying themselves.

Being from Killeen though, I am very familiar with the Saint Joseph’s Catholic Fest Of All event.

This Killeen tradition is absolutely amazing, and I don’t know why people get this weird assumption that because it’s a Catholic church, only Catholic people are invited. That's just crazy talk. They'd love to have you and your family!

It's happening this Sunday, October 10 from 10 AM to 6 PM at 2903 E Rancier in Killeen.

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Dallas Arboretum, Press Release
Dallas Arboretum, Press Release


It’s so much fun, and it’s definitely in my top 10 favorite things to do in Killeen during fall season. When you go to the Saint Joseph Catholic Church, first of all it’s the most beautiful church you’ve ever seen in your life. The cathedral is gorgeous and looks like something out of a magazine or a postcard, but the staff there is what really matters. I've lived in Killeen pretty much all my life, and I am confident when I say these are the most inviting people that I’ve ever met.



They are just really good people who are willing to do something nice for the community.

This year's festival consist of vendors of all sorts, face painting, and fantastic food from food trucks from all over the city. Seriously, there’re so many food trucks that I don’t even get to use all my money on games and rides because I’m going from truck to truck try new food each year. Did I mention it’s absolutely delicious?

The kids have a great time too. They get tons of candy, and everybody goes home extremely happy every time I go to this event.

If  I had to sum it up in two words, they would be" all smiles". Hopefully you will get a chance  to experience this wonderful event!

Heart Of Texas State Fair/ Facebook
Heart Of Texas State Fair/ Facebook



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