So time is running out for you to get that holiday gift you need to complete your list, but you don't know what the hell these kids are into nowadays. One minute its "hoverboards" and the next its a "gaming console",  but unless you're balling out of control, you rather find gifts that will keep your pockets under control.

I invited my man Killeen's own Dookie The Tech Homie who you've seen before when he had me testing out microphones for his video blog series B.A.N.G. (Budget And New Gear Reviews) because when I need to find out what's the right tech stuff to get for the low, he'll hook me up! Check out his recommendations for a toy your kids will love, Bluetooth speakers for your teen and cell phones which we're sure everyone wants!

  • Kids

    Anki Overdrive Starter Kit

    Remember those toy car tracks where the cars just go around and around in a figure 8, not too exciting for the modern kid, but THIS car set has an app that lets you control the cars from your cell phone or tablet and you can use weapons to disable the other racer. Damn kids are lucky these days.

    Courtesy of Amazon
  • Teens Bluetooth Speakers

    Oontz Angle 3 Speakers

    Teens love to take their music with them and these bluetooth speakers are perfect for them and its priced perfectly too, at around $30

    Courtesy of Amazon
  • Cell Phones

    Alcatel Idol 4 With VR Goggles

    One of the hottest gifts this season is VR goggles, but instead of buying them separately which could get pricey, you can get the goggles and a compatible phone for just under $100.

    Courtesy of Cricket Wireless