Spring cleaning is underway and the city of Killeen wants to help you get rid of some of the crap that's been collecting in your garage over the fall and winter!

Every Saturday in April, the city of Killeen will be offering free Saturday curbside bulky trash collection for residents as part of the "Killeen Up" initiative.

The Saturday collection dates will depend upon your regular trash pickup date:

Monday: APRIL 8

Tuesday: APRIL 15

Thursday: APRIL 22

Friday: APRIL 29

Items such as furniture, appliances and boxes will be picked up curbside and there is no charge for the first 3 cubic yards but each additional cubic yard will incur a charge of $7.50

Car tires, brush piles and demolition piles are also included in pickup but additional pickup of these items will incur charges. Items such as rocks, dirt, deceased animals, liquid waste, and household hazardous waste materials like pesticides, paint, oil, chemicals or batteries are prohibited.

For more information you can visit the City Of Killeen Solid Waste website.

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