Welcome to April 2021 - a month that brings the start of baseball and the end to awards season, plus a few other things.


We've made it to April. Congrats! It's been a long 11 months since we were last here.

This year's April is already off to a better start than the one we had last year, with Major League Baseball set to actually start on time. That truly is my favorite part of April, but let's look at some other things that are happening this month.

Before we get into all the exciting things April has to offer, let's take a moment and look at the month itself. April is the fourth month of the year and is associated with Autumn in the Southern Hemisphere and Spring here in the Northern Hemisphere. It's something we Northern Hemisphere people don't think about much, unless you're someone who travels for business.

April's birthstone in the Diamond, and the zodiac signs for the month are Aries and Taurus. The major holiday in April is Easter, but there are several worthwhile days in April to celebrate that we'll get into later.

But first up is Baseball. After spending the month of March in Spring Training, Major League Baseball typically starts in April. It's the only time of the year where all 30 MLB teams are equal. Usually by May, only a handful of teams are really in the race for the World Series. As a Rangers and Rockies fan, I know all too well the excitement of April and the disappointment of May.

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Early April also brings us the NCAA's Final Four college basketball championship games for both men's and women's teams. If golf is your sport, the Masters is happening  April 8-11 at Augusta National Golf Course.

For we football fans, the NFL Draft is happening on April 29th this year.

April also sees the end to awards season, as the Screen Actors Guild Awards, the BAFTAs, and the Academy Awards are all happening this month.

The pandemic kept us all inside for so long that the only thing to do was to watch TV. By now you're either totally addicted to the tube or you just despise it. Whatever the case, there are some new shows is April that may look pretty good. A couple to check out are Joss Whedon's Victorian-era superhero show "The Nevers" on HBO and Jamie Foxx's new sitcom "Dad, Stop Embarrassing Me" on Netflix, plus season four of "The Handmaid's Tale" on Hulu.

And last, but not least, the goofy fake holidays we celebrate. Deep Dish Pizza Day is Monday the 5th, National Beer Day is on the 7th, National Pet Day is the 11th, Wear Pajamas to Work Day is the 16th,  Earth Day is the 22nd . . . and Arbor Day is April 30th.

Count me in on Deep Dish Pizza Day and of course National Beer Day. Have a great April and Go Rangers.... and Rockies!

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